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Ryo's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Ryo's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2001
10:12 pm
Summer is over........
Yeah so summer is over now.... School is gonna start tomorrow! God damnit i hate this. Now i cant sleep in and be lazy. Ah well at least its senior year. So the last day i hung out with Calvin, Hartmann and Bern. We went for lunch and wen to Laurel Park Mall. Bern was supposed to be at work by 4. Me and Calvin drove and we decided to be dicks and not take Bern home. It was the worlds funniest shit. he was whinning like a bitch and sayin take me home and this crap. We got out of the mall and started heading for telegraph. (away from his house) and then Hartmann said we were lost even though we knew where we were. Yeah well anyway we didnt drop his ass tll 4:30ish. He was happy let me tell ya well anyway summer is over and this sucks....... cya in school
Monday, July 30th, 2001
2:37 am
Bo Bo Boring
ya so theres nothing to do around in this area... its soo god damn boring. everybody is not home. i was supposed to party hard last night but thanks to my fuckin drunk ass dad i couldnt go, cuz i had to pick his drunk ass up at some beer fest. yay lucky me i get to sit my ass at home for the weekend. Ya at times life sucks, but n e ways im gonna go to sleep. good nite
Wednesday, July 25th, 2001
2:17 am
Coke or Pepsi, or shall i say Jurassic Park 3 or "When Dinosaurs roamed across America"
Who the fuck cares. honestly there is no damn point on arguing on TV coke is better or Pepsi tastes so much better. all those fat asses that are on TV sayin that shit is all crap. honestly if you can tell the difference i would buy you a cookie. Besides what is the difference between a Sprite and 7up.... NOTHING. Everybody is getting mind controlled by the pop companies to argue and get in a fight over a damn can of pop. How stupid are we getting. Anyway Jurassic Park 3 rules the small span in walled lake in a place called Oasis. i was very impressed by the same old shit of jurassic park and the typical bitch that likes to attract the dinos by screaming and shit...What a dumb slut its like walking down downtown detroit with no clothes on. as might as well bend over. cuz you are fucked. and the story procedes but before i go any further. did i mention why those dumb white craps are doing on that island? No? oh shit well this dumb piece of crap decides to parasail by the damn island which you know you dont wanna fuck wit. so they get anal raped and get stranded on the island. so as they go along and walk around they end up at this one area...this is where the Dr. shit says "oh my shit, its a bird cage". first of all how the fuck do you know that its a bird cage. the whole facility that is called the bird cage is huuuuuge. there is no way in hell he coulda figured it out... ok i understand its a movie..ill accept it. But then again the dumb bitch says "For what?". alright bitch what the fuck do you think a bird cage is doing on a dino infested island. FOR A PIDGEON. think slut. use your brain. you are a human. What the fuck kinda question is "for what?" as might as well bend over again for being a dumb slut. Another thing i still cant accept is the fact that those damn taradactals walked and the skywalk like he was a damn kid skippin around. what the fuck is this? you cant skip around you damn bird. honestly where do you see a bird fold up their wings and coming towards the little shits. yet the dinos never succeed. i believe it shoulda been a violent ending. the little kid shoulda been ripped up by the raptor, the Dr. eaten by the spino, the dumb bitch shoulda got naked and get nibbed to death by those little green dinos and the damn billy kid shoulda been sliced by the taradactals and the only slut that shoulda survived is the dad guy. he was the only decent crap in the whole movie. yeah ne way goin along with the movie. the Dr. uses the satelite phone to call up that slut from part one for help. with in less than 3 hours a several ships full of marines appear with apache helicopters. OK what kinda shit is this? makes no sense. the father of the kid called the US embassy to help his son and the mexican goverment or whatever government. but they refuse due to the danger. hmm...little confusing? makes no sense. they refuse but when a slut calls they send ass loads of reinforcement to kill shit. People are stupid. they should get a kick in the pants for making such a dumb movie. Soooo im watchin Dinos on discovery channel after i saw jurassic park 3... ok i thought raptors had hard armor like skin....on the other hand on discovery channel, it shows them with fur...sorta looks like a doo doo bird...so what the fuck. the discovery channel says they discovered they had fur. but then again i honestly dont give a fuck. i just wanna make the point that the world can be full of shit. so dont get tricked by the dumb mother fuckers. cuz they will hurt your ego. so eat an eggo and drink some faygo.........slutty slut, cya till next time.

Current Mood: bored
Tuesday, July 24th, 2001
7:42 pm
Clue Ma Na Ti
So what the hell is this crap. i dont get it, what i dont get is what i dont get. how some restraunts serve pop.....yes thats normal. So me and my friend go to the piece of shit place called "Oasis". this place i mean is horrible. its like India and Iran and Michigan mixed up and came up with a pile of crap called "Oasis".(i have nothing against india or iran.) so this dumb bitch seats us with a stupid grin on her face. she never stopped grinning till we left. i think her jaw is fucked up or some shit. any clue we sit down... and here she comes up again. asks up what we want to drink....so we each ask for a coke. yeah this bitch takes about 5 minutes to get a coke....the place is god damn empty. what the fuck is wrong with her. but i accept it... until what i saw. She brings two empty glasses and im like what the fuck? then she has 2 CANS. YES CANS. this dumb mother fucker brings the coke in cans.... What kinda dumb motha fucka can you be. and i look at the menu...i see the entrees which i have no knowledge. So i order a shakaka or some kinda thing. Then comes out a Chicken Burrito. why not just call it a chicken burrito. not a god damn shakaka. so this was my partial day at the piece of shit restraunt. IF YOU EVER wanna go there its on Maple and Novi. c ya sluts.

Current Mood: bitchy
5:23 am
Yo Yo???
So ya hey ho, i dont really know what to write on these journalz and im jus gonna write a bunch of crap! So ya lata?

Current Mood: blah
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